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Chloe Dubois
Ithaeur Hunter in Darkness
Thirnisik Umma

  • Witchy Business - Knows a lot of esoteric nonsense. Especially natural magic.
  • Divination - Will totally tell your fortune. Might even get it right.
  • Outdoors - Would rather be outside. Yeah, there are bugs. No, she doesn't mind.
  • Songwriter - Not especially good at it, but aspiring, at least.
  • Ink - Several tattoos. On her fingers, on her face, on her chest, on her arms...

Coeurs Granatum

  • Aris  - Mine. Might-Be-Mentor. Friend?
Insightful. Chill. Only a little bit of a hypocrite. Morally complicated.
  • Des  - Mine. Crush. Roommate. Chewtoy.
Foretold. Even hotter than he used to be. Paying way better attention.
Casual drop of haruspex in the middle of conversation. Into it.

Other Hearts

  • Marek  - Not Mine. Cheeseball.
Seriously nice. Effortlessly generous. What he's packing is ridiculous.