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Charming Grimson
Date of Birth Feb '89
Apparent Age Low 20-Something
Needle Provider
Thread Anger
Occupation Professional Asshole
Seeming Elemental
Kith Bloodbrute / Draconic
Court Summer

The Gist



New in Town Arrived sometime in July of 2020 from the Miami area. He's taken up in a trailer park just past the city limits.
Florida Man Relatively small time bad guy specializing in debt collection, message delivery, and repossession for a particular group of underground pharmaceutical developers between Jacksonville and Miami.
Same Old Monster, Brand New Look When he says he 'just got out', for the once, he's not talking about a prison stretch. He's not been out long, and he's still finding his feet in the world with this new perspective.
Tough Mother Fucker Whether it's taking a beating or going on a binge, he's been known to be hard to put down. Life's given it its best shot and hasn't managed it yet.
Budding Businessman He's got a plan. A scheme. He's giving himself a promotion and building a team to offer certain questionable product and services to the ordinary folks of New Orleans that they can't get easily anywhere else. That's the idea anyway.
Dead Johnny's Of course every good businessman needs a base of operations. For Charming that's Dead Johnny's in the French Quarter. He's the latest in a long list of questionable individuals to have acquired the front, and has made some small changes to the place.
Professional But he's not too good to play his old role if the money is good, getting his hands dirty for the right price and picking up the occasional underground fight. Need something taken care of?
The Haunts Charming can turn up a number of places, but they are pretty damn uniformly places lacking high culture and dress codes. He favors places with no top shelf, questionable bathrooms, and as few tourists as possible.
Player Hooks Charming has a number of brothers and sisters who think he's dead, brutally murdered in their front yard. There were some strange circumstances surrounding his body though. Open to siblings, old associates from Florida and/or prison, his escapee partner from Arcadia, or just about anyone else from his past finding him in New Orleans.
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Associates & Partners in Crime

Slip - "Lookit who put on her big girl panties and became Somebody. Only has to run away to do it."
Skinny Lil Green-Haired Moon Pie - Your cards are a lil bitch, but you might be useful. Might. Chloe still sounds like a hippy dippy flower child though.
Mr. Music Man - I'm gonna have to stay shitfaced all the time around this guy to not get pissed about the beer-goggle effect without the beer. Knows good words.
Bugs Bunny - Seems to know what's what and who's who. Probably hears everything with those fucking ears.
Breath of Cloud or Some Shit - Not sure what to make of this guy ye. Offers 'pick me ups' right off the bat. Ya know. If you're lookin'.


None yet.