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Charity Armstrong


Of things mortal and otherwise
Date of Birth: September 9th, 1985
Apparent Age:   30s
Sign: Virgo
Needle: Provider
Thread: Family

Race:   Changeling
Seeming:   Beast
Kith: Witchtooth/Hunterheart
Court: Autumn
Freehold Position: Ambassador to the Wolves
Pack: Worn Moon


Once Upon A Time...

... there was a wolfblooded girl in northern England. She had a family. She had a pack. There was nothing she loved more than running with the wolves.

Then, along came a spider that snatched her up on one of those runs, and fastened a bundle of twigs and a piece of her shadow to leave in her place.

The girl lost her pack, but became a wolf. A fox. A rabbit. A horse. A crow. A score of other animals. She forgot her home. But one day, she remembered. And found her way back home.

The Spider was not so pleased. He came looking for her. It was...disastrous. And so her pack, that she fought to get back, had no choice. She would have to leave, again. But not alone, this time. Not Lost.


RP Hooks
Former Uragarum - Charity grew up as one of the People, and part of the Worn Moon pack in northern England. But then, she was Taken, and became one of the...
Lost - A member of the Autumn Court, recently arrived to New Orleans.
Envoy - Recently appointed Envoy to the Wolves. Still howling at the moon.
Charity - Not just her name. Back in Yorkshire, the Armstrong family is known for their charitable work and foundations. She was on the board of the Rising Moon Foundation, which focuses on exotic animal rescue, preservation, and stopping the pet trade.

Chastity - Younger Sister. Protector. Heart.
Lucas - Protector. Packmate. Clenched fists, bloody lips.
Brent - Pale, soft hair. Smells like rain, tastes like trouble.
Bowen - Bad suit, worse mustache, but good company.
Eva - Killer style, excellent tea, an excellent friend.
Darcy - Ooooh, Mister Darcy! Wolf. Fun to run with.
Slip - The art of borrowing. Unexpected.
Simin - Subtle, until it is not time to be subtle. Adored.
Rowan - Typical Cahalith. Flyboy.
Saul - Tattoos, Adornments, Rum and Knowledge. Kin.