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  • Due to the nature of this setting, expect this page to receive regular updates.
  • Changelings have been arriving back in NOLA since the beginning of November 2019

The History

New Orleans has not had changelings. When the Chawasha Chitimacha built a portage between Bayouk Choupic and the vast Mississippi, there were no changelings. When the invaders from another continent came with fire and death, poison and plague, there were no changelings. When the invaders stayed, and renamed Choupic after their Saint John, there were no changelings. When Port Bayou St. Jean became La Nouvelle-Orléans, when the first of many monsters of the east wind, the hurakons, destroyed it, when the city rebuilt for the first but not the last (never the last) time, when the Spanish came and the fire burned and the city rebuilt and the French came once more and sold the land to the new invaders who now called this continent their own, when the Americans tore themselves apart over whether they might own humans like they claimed to own land, when they were sewn back together, a wound that has never stopped bleeding, there were no changelings.

There were no changelings when the humans who had once been owned created music that no one had ever heard before. There were no changelings when diseases struck, no changelings when the once-owned and the once-owners began to live together in law if not in fact, no changelings when the Americans began to visit, first in droves, then in torrents.

When the hurakon Katrina clawed its way from the south, birthed in heat and rage, and broke loose upon the city, when New Orleans drowned, when the monster's sister Rita came to feast upon its carcass, when bodies floated in the streets, there were no changelings. When the city began to rebuild, not for the last (never the last) time, there were no changelings.

Until now.

Something has happened. The Wyrd has shifted. Contracts have changed. The Hedge rustles, uneasily, as paths once sealed begin to unfurl.

What has kept the changelings away? And what has changed to bring them back?

And The Walls Came Crumbling Down In the City

It is unclear what has happened. Changelings have never come to New Orleans before, whether by escaping to it through the Hedge or by more conventional means. All who have tried in the past have turned away, more than cognizant of the quiet intensity of color and silence that portends the bleeding away of the mortal realm into the Hedge.

A moment of silence for those who could not turn away, who were bound by train or airplane or other, darker means to the Crescent City. A rustle of vines, a whisper of wind. Shadows on the wall.

Changelings have never come to New Orleans before.

Until now. There has been no weakening of borders, no obvious failure of some grand and powerful spell. What once was simply a rule of reality, as simple-minded and implacable as gravitation, no longer applies. All changelings, recently escaped or veterans of the fight and flight against the Fae, are now welcome in the Big Easy.

Well. Perhaps not welcome at all. Perhaps they are utterly unwelcome, and the gates will close once more. Or perhaps they are too welcome. Think of the inviting spider, the honey-sweetness of the pitcher plant.

There are so many ways to die.

The Freehold

A freehold was established on Winter Solstice and has since changed hands to the Spring Court. Many of the details are still being worked out and over. Interested in participating in getting the freehold settled? @mail Ian on game!

Freehold Laws

  • Each Season shall rule in their time. This means each solstice will see a change of monarch as one season yields to the next.
    • The next equinox is September 22, 2020 at which time Summer will yield to Autumn and the Season will crown the Autumn monarch.
  • Summer's Freehold location is: The Changeling Community Center (+travel CCC). Per Winter's advice, the Freehold changes seasonally.

The rest, to be determined...

Freehold Relations

To be determined...

Court Positions

Most court positions can benefit from having more than one character in the role. Don't want to be in charge? Perhaps you'd rather be an Assistant to the Ambassador.

Essential positions, needed for the functioning of the Freehold, PCs preferred. The Militia is assumed to include NPC members.

  • Summer Monarch - Stasya - Decision-maker, shot-caller, thing-knower, delegater. Leader of the Freehold and all-around awesome person. Selected by the Wyrd.
  • Chamberlain - Slip - Backup monarch, pledge-witnesser, question-answerer, decision-maker if the monarch isn't available. Appointed by the Monarch.
  • Court Advisors - The monarch's cabinet. They should stand up for the opinions of each court. If PCs, should be active and answer @mail.
    • Winter Advisor -
    • Spring Advisor -
    • Summer Advisor -
    • Autumn Advisor - Hawthorne
  • Ambassadors - Responsible for interacting with the other supernatural groups, making friends, keeping up with gossip.
    • Ambassador to the Mortals - MacKenzie - Both Accorded and mundane. Handles slips of the Mask affecting groups of mortals.
    • Ambassador to the Vampires - Mingzhu
    • Ambassador to the Werewolves - Charity
  • Militia - In case the Gentry come calling. Also responsible for handling Wild Hedgebeasts and clearing the way for Goblinfruit gatherers.

Non-essential positions. Nice to have, but we'll assume there are NPCs if no PCs want the positions or if the PCs idle out.

  • Accorded Messenger - Brent - Granted authority to cross domains per the Accords, to carry messages.
  • Chief Gardener - In charge of Goblinfruit farming and distribution.
  • Hedge Guide - Simin - Knows the Trods, finds new Trods, keeps the Hedge around the Freehold sorted, handle cleanup efforts and maintenance.
  • Herald - Basically a harpy but for Changelings. All the best rumors and the occasional announcement.
  • Onieromancer - Train folks in dream-walking and dream combat. Keep an eye on the Dreaming Roads.
  • Physician - Someone who can see to healing others, with or without Goblinfruit.
  • Quartermaster' - Way - Hands out the pointy and protective goodies.
  • Ritualist - Kai - Honor the season with appropriate rites, celebrations and other activities. Essentially, social coordinator with a mind for seasonal themes.
  • Spy - Anonymous - Spy names are not made public for obvious reasons.