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Changeling Custom Content



Kingdoms of glittering ice built on immense clouds. Balconies carved into the face of a towering mountain. Mansions with stilts that disappear into the fog unfathomable miles below. The changelings that become Airtouched are as varied as the lofty realms in which they spent their durance. Floating, flying, or gliding was the only method of travel possible, and so their Keepers changed them. Some had wings grafted to their flesh, some rode lightning bolts as steeds, and some were made lighter than air, carried by the wind itself.

Kith Blessing: When the Airtouched uses Athletics to perform acrobatic feats, such as climbing, long jumping, or parkour, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Wings of Wind: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Dexterity + Athletics to multiply jump height and distance by Wyrd +1 and gain immunity to fall damage for the rest of the scene.


Some people have a natural affinity for museums and history; many seek to make a career of this, others have their vocation forced upon them by the Gentry. Like most of her kind, the antiquarian was created to care for her Keeper's collections. She was charged with knowing the location of every item, fetching it for her Keeper, and often explaining it to them.

Kith Blessing: When the Antiquarian uses Academics to uncover information on ancient lore, books, or artifacts, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Empathic Artifice: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Investigation while handling an object to receive a vision of the most emotionally intense moment tied to the item. The player may then ask the Storyteller a number of yes or no questions about the scene (or a question from the list below) equal to Wyrd.

  • What’s the strongest emotion here?
  • Who remembers this moment the most?
  • Am I missing something in this scene?
  • Where was this object during the event?
  • What breaking point caused the event?


He’s got this way of talking that wins the heart and mind. That’s a dangerous power, so be glad he doesn’t turn it on us. Despite her grasp on language and storytelling, an author tends to be quiet and reserved. She was forced to write prose, tell stories, and craft verbal imagery for her Fae master. Sometimes, an author might have been her master’s only connection with human language, having to teach words and meanings to keep him up to date. After spending so long creating, most prefer to simply read and absorb.

Kith Blessing: When the Author uses Expression to tell or write a story, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Fae Wordcraft: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Manipulation + Expression to grant the Inspired Condition to a number of others who can perceive his words (written or verbal) equal to Wyrd, so long as they don’t act against her message.


Many Keepers are just cruel. They use their considerable power to inflict pain and anguish in those they have abducted. When one of the Gentry wants to hear their realm filled with cries of anguish and revel in misery, they create Banshees. Often when these unfortunate souls return they feel a deep need to sing those same haunting songs, chilling those who hear them to the marrow.

Kith Blessing: When the Banshee uses Intimidate to unsettle or intimidate with her voice, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Keening Wail: Channelling all of her inner pain and sadness, the banshee may unleash a keening wail that chills the hearts of those who hear it. The wail affects all of those within wyrd x 10 yards, who all roll individually to resist the effects. Resistance is reflexive.

Cost: 1 glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression OR Intimidation vs Composure + Wyrd
Action: Contested
Dramatic Failure: The target is utterly unaffected by the wail and is immune to any further attempts for the rest of the scene
Failure: The target is unaffected. The Banshee may try again on a subsequent turn.
Success: The target is unsettled by the Banshee's cry, and gains the Spooked condition.
Exceptional Success: The target is deeply unsettled by the cry and loses a point of willpower, in addition to gaining the Spooked condition.


Not all the realms of Arcadia are untouched, primeval wilderness. Whether a twisted reflection of urban landscapes or corrupted from the bile of their Fae owner, some are polluted hell­scapes of sulfuric clouds, corrosive sludge, and contaminated soil. Blightbents are those changelings who survived in these conditions, breathing foul air and eating poisonous food, forced to become lesser versions of their tainted masters.

Kith Blessing: When the Blightbent uses Streetwise to scavenge for food or shelter in an urban environment, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Toxic Cloud: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Stamina + Streetwise to produce a cloud of potentially caustic smog in a one meter radius around her. The changeling may then divide her Wyrd among the following effects of the cloud: For each point of Wyrd, the cloud inflicts a -1 penalty on visual perception rolls and ranged attacks on those within, or those attempting to target or perceive those within.

  • The cloud acts as an inhaled Poison with a Toxicity rating equal to Wyrd assigned to this effect, with an interval of twenty minutes.
  • For each point of Wyrd, the radius of the cloud increases by one meter.


Blood sport is a common pastime amongst the Gentry with changelings pitted against each other for the amusement of the Fae audience. The fights are rarely straightforward, but instead utilize random rules and stipulations at the whim of the Gentry. A bloodbrute is the grizzled survivor of pit fights and horrifying games of survival of the fittest. The bloodbrute has learned to control his fighting spirit and put it towards a greater cause.

Kith Blessing: When the Bloodbrute uses Weaponry in any form of ‘officially’ sanctioned combat, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Weaponmaster: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Weaponry while wielding a weapon to increase its damage for the scene by his Wyrd, to a maximum of 5L. If the weapon is an improvised weapon, it does not suffer damage upon use.


The brewer is trained in the art of alchemy and potion making, supplying both intoxicating substances and poisons for the freehold. The changeling was created to brew arcane tinctures for her master. Not only did she make brews and potions of unknown substances, but often she was forced to test the potency and efficacy of her brews on herself.

Kith Blessing: When the Brewer uses Crafts to identify the effects of a liquid mixture, whether it is alcohol, poison, or something more arcane, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faerie Wine: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Crafts while touching any liquid to change it either into a potent alcohol or a poison. If it is an alcohol, any who willingly imbibe it gain the Intoxicated Condition. If it is a poison, it has a Toxicity equal to the Changeling's Wyrd plus half of her successes on the creating roll, with a damage interval of one hour.


Some Gentry collect vast stores of material goods. Whether as beasts of burden pulling endless wagon trains, or as porters with whole houses strapped to their backs, the changelings used to transport these goods become broadbacks. Driven beyond mortal exhaustion they plodded on, tapping into reserves of strength and determination to continue their pointless journeys. They’re stubborn bastards. They had to be.

Kith Blessing: When the Broadback uses Athletics to for contests or feats of stamina (such as a marathon), achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Unworldly Tenacity: ​The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Stamina + Athletics to ignore wound and fatigue penalties of up to his Wyrd dots for the scene, while adding his Wyrd dots to his Resistance traits for resisted (but not contested) actions.


Brollachan are creatures of unseen fear. In Arcadia, they were utterly shapeless masses of darkness that most Keepers use them as guards, soldiers, or interrogators. Brollachan excel at understanding and inflicting fear. Before her Durance, a brollachan was usually either someone who could be terrifying or someone who had been afraid for much of her life and was determined to learn to turn the tables on her tormentors.

Kith Blessing: When the Brollachan uses Stealth to stalk or surprise an opponent, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Embodiment of Fear: When grappling, once per turn ​the changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance. If successful, she may inflict either the Insensate Tilt or the Frightened Condition on the target.


These changelings are patchwork creatures. Gentry who attempt to create new kiths by randomly combining portions of existing ones deliberately create some, but most chimeras are created accidentally, when changelings become infused with too much of Arcadia's changeable nature and their bodies alter in an uncontrolled fashion. Every chimera's appearance is different, often radically so. Despite appearing to be partially a member of several kiths, a chimera gains none of the advantages of these kiths, but being a composite creature has its own unique benefits.

Kith Blessing: When the Chimera uses Socialize to interact with creatures from the Hedge, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Mutable: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Stamina + Occult to manifest a mutation that provides a +2 bonus to a single skill or situation, or a smaller bonus to multiple situations. The Changeling may manifest a total number of traits equal to Wyrd, after which new traits replace old ones. The bonuses from mutations never stack, even if more than one could presumably apply to a given situation.


Some Gentry create a chirurgeon to heal injured Gentry or changelings, but others create one so that he can in turn transform ordinary mortals into changelings or to alter changelings that his Keeper wishes to remake.

Kith Blessing: When the Chirurgeon uses Medicine to treat a patient, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Mender’s Ward: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Medicine once per day per patient to downgrade a number of lethal wounds equal to Wyrd to bashing damage, or half as many aggravated wounds to lethal damage, rounded down. This process takes one hour to downgrade lethal damage, or five hours to downgrade aggravated damage. Time required is not dependant on the number of wounds downgraded in this way.


Today, the True Fae look for quick-witted servants to aid them in destroying their foes, taking them in pairs or pairing them up after the fact. The Cleverquick spends her Durance teasing out the weaknesses in her Keeper's enemies. Many become hunters, killing those who displease their Keepers. Others enact elaborate intrigues, ruining an adversary's reputation or standing in Faerie's courts. In both cases, the pair turns their target's flaws into the very weapon that brings him down.

Darkling: The force of his owl-eyed gaze is unsettling. He tracks every movement, tucks away every morsel of information for use later. He's so still you'd hardly notice he's there. Once you catch movement, it's already too late.

Ogre: The changeling resembles the very monsters she battles. She wears the scars from her near-misses as a mark of pride; they prove she survived.

Kith Blessing: When the Cleverquick uses Occult to outsmart his enemy, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Know Your Enemy: Spend a point of Glamour to learn one of the target's frailties, banes, or bans, if they possess any. For three points, the changeling may instead impose a temporary frailty, bane, or ban upon her enemy that lasts for the chapter, but must also accept it herself for the same duration. If two Cleverquicks work together, they both benefit from these effects (and suffer the drawback), and may split the Glamour cost of inflicting a weakness between them in any combination.


Keepers dwelling in realms where reptiles were the norm or in hot dry realms where only the toughest inhabitants could survive created most coldscales. By their nature, a coldscale is somewhat distant and if she feels strong emotions, she rarely express them. Before her Durance, a coldscale was usually an outsider, not as much because people rejected her, but because she chose to keep her distance from others.

Kith Blessing: When the Coldscale uses Survival to navigate, track, or forage in an arid environment, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Cold-Blooded: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Stamina + Survival to divide her Wyrd amongst the following effects for a scene:

  • Gain 1/1 armor due to thickening scales per point of Wyrd.
  • Gain +2 to Initiative due to preternatural reflexes per point of Wyrd.
  • Gain +1 to Stamina for the purposes of resisting hunger, thirst, poison, heat, or lack of air due to reptilian metabolism per point of Wyrd.


Known to many as tricksters and master manipulators, everything comes at a cost when dealing with a coyote. Created by masters who enjoyed deep political intrigue, the Coyote underwent a Durance that pitted his wits against those of other Gentry always forced to find an advantage or an upper hand to any situation. Such habits are not easily overcome.

Kith Blessing: When the Coyote uses Subterfuge in Social Maneuvering, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Trickster: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Subterfuge any time another character attempts to uncover her Aspirations or Anchors, and on success may conceal one Aspiration or Anchor - providing a false result instead - per dot of Wyrd. If the attempt is a supernatural power, this provokes a Clash of Wills.


Cyclopean are those changelings taken to Arcadia to be craftsmen and builders. Maimed or deformed during their labors, usually as punishment for producing work that failed to meet exacting and ever changing standards, they were forced to continue their craft. Some replaced lost pieces of themselves with tools to keep working while others simply learned to make do with a single arm or eye.

Kith Blessing: When the Cyclopean uses Crafts to create anything that requires physical strength to craft, such as in woodcarving, blacksmithing, or masonry, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Forgemaster: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Strength + Crafts to craft an item related to one of her specialties as an instant action instead of an extended action. She needs access to proper tools and materials as usual. If the resultant item is a tool, it has an equipment bonus equal to the Changeling’s Wyrd (max 5). If it is a weapon, it has a damage rating of half of the Changeling’s Wyrd (rounded down).


There is an undeniable beauty inherent in all motion. The Lost who became dancers know this, though like everything in Fairies, that knowledge was paid for in ways best forgotten. Some performed on stages of red­hot bronze or while wearing shoes of jagged crystal for their Keeper’s entertainment. Others served in palaces made of glittering knives, their agility necessary to carry out even basic actions.

Kith Blessing: When the Dancer makes Athletics rolls related to agility and speed, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Enchanting Dance: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Dexterity + Expression while dancing to give a number of onlookers equal to Wyrd the Obsession Condition tied to the changeling. Onlookers with the Obsession Condition suffer Wyrd as a penalty to all perception rolls to notice anything other than the performance, in addition to the Condition’s normal effects.


The Gentry create draconics to inspire fear and awe. These reptilian beasts are destructive creatures of primal terror. One Keeper who created a draconic might have wished own a wondrously impressive beast, another sought an impressive guard or military commander. Before their Durance, many draconics were interested in power and all of them were filled with confidence. Now, every draconic is terrifying and tough.

Kith Blessing: When the Draconic makes Intimidation rolls to physically cow or threaten an opponent into disengaging or backing down, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Wrathful Majesty: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Resolve + Composure + Supernatural Tolerance in combat to give any enemy that can perceive the changeling the Beaten Down Condition. This can affect creatures that are not normally subject to the Condition.


An Earthbones says little and endures much. His rocky body affords him both strength of form and spirit. The Earthbones might have been molded from clay or hewn from stone, or he may have spent all his time in Faerie within a cave too close to the soil. The changeling may have been forced to stand as a support pillar for a structure, form a small private island for his master, or simply be the stone statue gracing her halls.

Kith Blessing: When the Earthbones makes Crafts rolls to work the earth, stone, or masonry, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Indestructible: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Stamina + Crafts when taking damage, ignoring a number of bashing damage or downgrading a number lethal or aggravated damage equal to Wyrd plus the successes rolled.


Not all fire is destructive or unfettered, some flames are comforting and tamed. The Embersoul is fire bent to the purpose of comfort and delight. The Gentry typically take kind souls, full of warmth and light, and exploit them to create these changelings, binding them to hearths and fireplaces where they can serve out the durance warming hearts that never truly melt from their gentle flames.

Kith Blessing: When an Embersoul rolls Empathy to provide comfort, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Banked Hearth: Embersouls take no damage or penalties from environmental conditions related to cold. By spending a glamour and rolling Presence + Survival they can extend this protection out to all within Wyrd x 3 feet of them for the duration of the scene. An Embersoul glows brightly and becomes warm to the touch when using this ability.


Unlike many other Lost, a farwalker’s Durance was not one of captivity but of near endless solitude and isolation. Spirited away to vast forests, windswept mountains, or sweltering jungles, these changelings rarely saw another soul during their time in Faerie. Constantly on the move, whether to outrun unseen but ever present hunters or in a vain attempt to find some sort of civilization, they roamed the rugged wilds of Arcadia alone. With only the silent trees and rocks for company, some slowly forgot the sound of human speech or that they had ever even had a name.

Kith Blessing: When the Farwalker makes Survival rolls to plot a path through or otherwise navigate dangerous terrain, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Solitary Road: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Survival when alone in any location in the physical world (or the Hedge) to connect that location to her Solitary Road, a wilderness Trod only she knows of that links a number of such locations equal to Wyrd. These locations must remain truly isolated, however, and lose their connection to the Solitary Road if anyone other than the Changeling enters. This connection cannot be re-forged until the location is once again abandoned. If anyone enters the changeling’s Solitary Road itself, it loses all of its connections and more connections cannot be formed until it, too, is abandoned.


A fireheart is not merely a creature of flame, her thoughts are also inhumanly swift because fire also engulfed her mind. Keepers dwelling realms of flame, brass, and stone created some firehearts to serve as scholars or highly attentive and effective servants. Other firehearts spent their Durance as works of art made of fire or as part of a wall of fire surrounding and protecting their Keeper's home.

Kith Blessing: When the Fireheart makes Empathy rolls related to passion or anger, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

A Mind Aflame: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Science when undertaking any mostly or entirely mental extended actions, such as composing a speech or performing research, in order to undertake that action with blinding speed, reducing the interval for each roll to a single turn so long as the original interval is an hour or less. She may do this for a number of rolls equal to Wyrd. While operating in this state, the changeling grows incredibly hot (and, depending on her seeming, may actually bust into flame). Unless she suppresses the effect (which requires no roll), any flammable objects she is touching may ignite, as if lit with a match. Any given extended action may only benefit from this effect once.


Warmed by the sun’s caress and nourished by the rain’s tears, these changelings were the living ornamentation of countless gardens across Arcadia. Planted in soil where they took root, some flowering were left to grow wild in hidden faerie groves while others were kept in pots under fluorescent lights in steaming greenhouses. All experienced long periods of happiness and bliss, punctuated by the sharp, metal kiss of their Keeper’s pruning shears.

Kith Blessing: When the Flowering makes Persuasion rolls in Social Maneuvering, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Blissful Rose: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Survival in order to cause a Fae Rose to bloom anywhere in the Hedge. A Fae Rose is a type of Goblin Fruit, and subjects anyone that consumes it to overwhelming, rapturous ecstasy that immediately restores a point of Willpower and inflicts the Insensate Tilt for a number of turns equal to the changeling’s Wyrd. Even once the overwhelming sensations pass, continued feelings of bliss and pleasure persist for a number of hours equal to the Changeling’s Wyrd. Highly valued, gifting a Fae Rose can - and very frequently is - used as Soft Leverage in Social Maneuvering.


For some True Fae, everything is a game played with pieces made of people’s lives and actions. No matter what type of game the Gentry favors, none enjoy losing, so they spend a great deal of time amusing themselves with games and rules that ensure their victory. A gameplayer was made to either be a part of a particular game, or was forced to play games for her master’s enjoyment, or both. She not only endured the endless hours of being part of a game, but also suffered the ire of her master if he happened to lose a game, even if it was not her fault.

Kith Blessing: When the Gameplayer makes Investigation rolls involving logic or game theory, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Read the Playbook: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Investigation once per session in order to make a leap of logic and intuition, asking the Storyteller a number of yes or no questions about a situation at hand equal to Wyrd. The Storyteller must answer truthfully.


As with all things related to humanity, the True Fae have no concept of, nor care about, human scale. Palaces are built to immense dimensions, each brick the size of a city block. The changelings stolen away to these titanic realms needed to be resized to fit their new surroundings. Some were stretched on massive racks, while others were force fed until they reached an appropriate size. A few were simply “lucky” enough to be the head of a massive collection of grotesquely fused bodies.

Kith Blessing: When the Gargantuan makes Brawl rolls targeting someone or something smaller than himself, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Mountain of Flesh: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Strength + Brawl to grow to titanic proportions for the scene, adding half of Wyrd (rounded up) to Size. When returning to normal size, any damage in lost health boxes is lost - it does not roll over into existing boxes.


The Gentry do not understand death, but some of their more disturbing realms have connections to the Underworld. Gentry with an interest in the dead create gravewrights as emissaries to the Underworld. One gravewright may visit the Underworld and stay, perhaps willingly, another might spend his Durance dealing with ghosts and Underworld creatures as well as with the Gentry.

Kith Blessing: When the Gravewright makes Persuasion rolls dealing with ghosts, the undead, or denizens of the Underworld, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Bind the Dead: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Occult to perceive death-attuned Twilight for a scene. While perceiving Twilight in this manner, the Changeling may add or remove manifestation Conditions tied to a Ghost, and make as many such modifications during the scene as he has dots of Wyrd. Removed Conditions cannot be restored by anyone else for one week.


The Gremlin is a mischievous dabbler who tends to like pulling mean pranks on others. She is small and seems harmless, which lets her get into a lot of trouble. A Gremlin is created solely for the amusement of her True Fae masters. The changeling served as a court jester and fool, making a mockery of guests and causing them pain and anguish in the name of her master. If she did not perform to whatever standards her master put to her each day, she was tortured until she performed better. Now she can’t help taking advantage of a situation to pull pranks and act out.

Kith Blessing: When the Gremlin makes Crafts rolls dealing with complex machinery, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Misfortune: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Crafts to bestow a penalty equal to Wyrd on a victim she can see as he attempts an action using any complex machine.


This kith is relatively new and is the result of Keepers enhancing changelings' minds, often at the expense of their bodies. One was created as a watchful overseer for other changelings, able to spy on her charges' thoughts, another helped his Keeper locate mortals to abduct, and a third was a component of a vast Gentry controlled telepathic hive­mind. Before her Durance, a grey may have been an intellectual who had trouble understanding others and was granted her desire in a strange and often disturbing fashion. Another might have had latent psychic gifts that the Gentry found useful.

Kith Blessing: When the Grey makes Empathy rolls dealing with hidden emotions, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Telepathic: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Empathy - Resolve in order to learn the foremost thought on a subject’s mind, as well as additional pieces of information equal to Wyrd, chosen from the following list:

  • What does the subject want right now?
  • What does the subject fear most right now?
  • What is the subject hiding?
  • What does the subject want mine to do?
  • What does the subject know about [relevant topic at hand]?
  • What turns the subject on right now?
  • What’s something shameful or embarrassing about the subject?


Keepers create ifrit to be weapons of terror and destruction. An ifrit embodies fire's destructive potential and likely spent his Durance as a huge fiery weapon, incinerating armies of changelings for his Keeper. Some ifrit were abducted because they had a talent for making others afraid; others dreamed of finding a way to make others fear them and some simply loved fire and wished to help it spread and grow. Once in Arcadia, the Gentry made them powerful, in a few cases so powerful that even their Keepers began to fear them.

Kith Blessing: When the Ifrit makes Intimidation rolls destroying or damaging nearby objects, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Firestorm: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Occult in order to summon flames anywhere within sight. The changeling divides his Wyrd between the size and heat of the created fire, though once created it spreads and grows normally.


Some Gentry dwell in dim cavernous realms and everyone they abduct becomes part of their lightless kingdom. They create illes as emissaries who travel to other realms. These Keepers cannot forge any illusions that survive bright light, but their emissaries become beings of wondrous beauty at night or away from the sun. At these times, an illes can persuade, seduce, or con others with great ease. However, her beauty vanishes at the touch of sunlight.

Kith Blessing: When the Illes makes Persuasion rolls relying on appearance when outside of even the most indirect sunlight, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Sunless Beauty: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Expression in the absence of even the most indirect sunlight in order to gain a bonus equal to Wyrd on any social rolls where having an attractive, desirable, or beautiful appearance would be beneficial. This effect stacks with Striking Looks.


Many Gentry become bored over the extent of their existence and thus create servants capable of providing them with a form of entertainment that takes the form of parlour tricks similar to those used by mundane magicians. Such servants gain the power of actual illusion and can fool most other beings they come across.

Kith Blessing: When using the Larceny skill to trick or distract another with sleight of hand, you achieve an exceptional success on 3 successes instead of 5.

Nothing Up My Sleeve: The Changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Dexterity + Larceny to make an object of Size equal to her Wyrd disappear. The object vanishes into Twilight, where it becomes incorporeal and follows along with the Changeling. The Changeling can reclaim the object from Twilight within 24 hours by spending another point of Glamour to have it reappear, so long as there is enough space for it to do so. Items not reclaimed from Twilight become trapped there and have to be retrieved by other means.

Items sent into Twilight can be seen and used by those able to interact with incorporeal objects, such as Hedge Ghosts or Changelings using Whispers of Morning.


The jeweleyes is known for her even temperament and stoic resolve. Sometimes other changelings mistake her cool attitude as aloofness or apathy, but underneath the cool exterior burns a fierce passion. A jeweleyes is forged from the earth as living gemstones, forced to prove her worth to the Gentry in battle rings — hoping to be seen as the most lovely and deadly and given a short reprise to sit on display in the cavernous halls of her master’s abode. Forced to always fight, a jeweleyes has a hard time relating to others. Yet, when she finds a friend, she is truer than any other.

Kith Blessing: When the Jeweleyes makes Subterfuge rolls to conceal her emotional state, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Cut Stone: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Stamina + Weaponry, Brawl, Firearms, or Athletics on taking damage that would incur wound penalties or trigger Stamina rolls to remain conscious in order to reverse the effect of wound penalties on the skill in question for the rest of the scene, while negating the penalty for all other actions. While this effect is active, the changeling automatically succeeds on rolls to remain conscious.


Quick and nimble fingered, a larcenist cannot help touching, taking from or planting items on everyone around him. Smart changelings keep a wide berth around a larcenist, feeling his penchant for thievery means he is dishonest, yet that is often furthest from the truth. The larcenists is found in the strongholds of greedy and covetous True Fae. He is forced to take, steal, or persuade items from her enemies. He does so under strict rules of engagement — he is not allowed to outright lie, he cannot physically touch the victim, he cannot set his eyes on the object he is stealing, or maybe he has to replace the object once taken.

Kith Blessing: When the Larcenist makes Larceny rolls to steal from or plant an object on someone, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Already Gone: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Dexterity + Wyrd vs Wits + Supernatural Tolerance any time another character takes an action dependant on an object small enough to be wielded or kept on their person. If successful the action is interrupted as the Larcenist is found to have retroactively stolen the object in question (which he may retain or discard).


The Gentry create levinquick by transforming a changeling's body into living electricity or binding lighting into her flesh. Some Keepers dwell in realms that are eternally filled with wild electrical storms or where lightning flows across the ground like jagged rivers. Others sought messengers, living decorations, or performers made from arcing current. Before their Durance, some levinquick were fascinated by electricity, while others were nervous or highly energetic individuals who were in constant motion. Regardless of why his Keepers transformed him, a levinquick's body is composed mostly or entirely of electricity and he becomes a swift inhuman creature. Once back in the mortal world, a levinquick usually has trouble with both patience and stillness.

Kith Blessing: When the Levenquick makes Athletics rolls for feats of speed, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Fast as Lightning: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Dexterity + Athletics in order to move herself to the top of Initiative order in combat, or to interrupt the action of one combatant with an action of her own, if she hasn’t yet acted for the turn. The original combatant must still proceed with his attempted action - if success is no longer possible,it automatically fails. The Changeling may only interrupt a number of actions per scene equal to Wyrd.


Lurkers were specifically created to be spies, sneaks and thieves. Gentry are often jealous of each other's possessions, but almost none are willing to risk themselves attempting to acquire them. Instead, Keepers look for petty criminals, stage magicians, or even teens who have had to learn to avoid being noticed and transform them into lurkers.

Kith Blessing: When the Lurker makes Stealth rolls to remain unseen in crowds or while observers are distracted, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Still Shadow: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Composure + Stealth while remaining motionless to render herself invisible to sight. She must remain somewhat motionless if she wishes to remain invisible: once she has used her movement (or taken physical actions that require movement) a number of times equal to her Wyrd, the effect is lost.


The Gentry can steal and copy, but they cannot create anything truly new or unique. However, many desire new toys and entertainments above all else. They craft humans into makers so these individuals can spend their days creating toys or traps to thwart rivals and ensnare mortals. Other makers spent their Durance maintaining and refashioning their Keeper's existing toys.

Kith Blessing: When the Maker makes Crafts rolls to craft an object for someone else, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Made-to-Fit: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Computer, Crafts, or Science when beginning to undertake the Build Equipment action in order to craft equipment for someone else. If successful, the resultant equipment gains extra bonuses (die or features) equal to the changeling’s Wyrd at the time of crafting when used by the intended recipient. The bonuses from Maker have the same limits as the base Build/Modify Equipment action - IE, cannot raise an equipment bonus above five, reduce a penalty below 0, or increase Weapon or Armor rating by more than 2. If taking a penalty or increasing the Target Number while building this object to add or increase features, the Maker bonus cannot "stack" - so one could not take a -4 penalty on creating armor boosted by the Maker bonus to achieve +4/+4 to an armor or weapon rating, although one could mix and match the two to achieve +2/+2. When used by anyone other than the intended recipient, these bonuses function as penalties instead.


Keepers who either enjoyed playing with living dolls or whose realms had no place for living flesh and blood transformed manikins from humans into artificial constructs. A manikin's new form is merely an imitation of humanity, but it also lack most human frailties.

Kith Blessing: When the Manikin makes Subterfuge rolls to disguise herself as another, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Mimicry: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Subterfuge, attempting to act out a physical action someone else performed earlier in the scene. If successful, the Manikin perfectly duplicates the action - treat it as if she attempted to perform the action herself and achieved equivalent successes. The manikin cannot attempt to duplicate physical actions that require abilities she does not possess. The Manikin may attempt this a number of times per scene equal to Wyrd.


Some Gentry use metalflesh as guards, others as laborers or living art, but all of them seek out individuals who are mentally and physical tough. Their Keepers then make metalflesh far tougher. The same durability that allows metalflesh to survive their transformation often helps them escape from Arcadia.

Kith Blessing: When the Metalflesh makes Computer rolls to interface with a fully automatic system, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Electropossession: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Computer to seize control of any computerized or mechanical system or object. He may take a number instant actions with the device - which must be actions the system or object would be capable of performing if operated normally - equal to Wyrd.


Music has an ability to invoke all kinds of emotions from joy and happiness to anger and sometimes fear. Songs tell stories as much as they entertain. A minstrel’s life was devoted to music both the act of creating and performing. The changeling might have been created as a musical instrument playing softly in the background during evenings in her master’s salon. Another might have been forced to compose and sing ballads revolving around the Gentry, each new verse or line forced to show her in a glowing light.

Kith Blessing: When the Minstrel makes Expression rolls to harvest Glamour, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Enchanting Song: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Manipulation + Wyrd vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance as part of an ongoing performance to inflict the Charmed Condition on a targeted observer. The changeling may only have a number of people equal to Wyrd charmed at once.


The moonborn shift mood and personality with the waxing and waning of the moon. She is often described as mad due to these cyclic moods and the erratic behavior that accompanies them. The moonborn is crafted of the moon, set into the sky to mimic the night for the Gentry. Her Durance was simple, yet not at all peaceful, as she was forced to act out scenes witnessed by the night sky for her fickle master.

Kith Blessing: When the Moonborn makes Intimidation rolls while acting in an erratic or unhinged manner, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Lunatic’s Embrace: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Wyrd vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance to inflict the Madness Condition on anyone she is touching (this requires a touch attack for those resisting contact). This Condition lasts for a single lunar cycle, or until resolved.


Even the omnipotent True Fae occasionally lose their inspiration. Their bizarre realms go fallow and their nonsensical labors lie unfinished. Until the changelings that become Muses provide them with inspiration, drawn out by hot kisses or cold blades if need be.

Kith Blessing: When the Muse makes Persuasion rolls while Social Maneuvering, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Maddening Inspiration: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Empathy (minus Composure if the target is unwilling) to bestow the Obsessed Condition related to one of the target’s Aspirations - the target’s player (or the Storyteller, in the case of NPCs) decides which Aspiration is affected unless the changeling rolls an exceptional success, in which case the changeling learns all of the target’s Aspirations and may choose which is affected.


Nixes are amphibious creatures created by Gentry who lived in aquatic realms. Most were forced to dwell on small islands or seashores, where their Keepers ordered them to lure intruders to their doom or to trap visitors with riddles or binding promises. Most of their Keepers lived in elaborate underwater splendor which their nixes rarely saw, with the exception of a few nixes that their Keepers used as storytellers. Before their Durance, the majority of nixes were unassuming people who were not obviously charismatic, but were gifted storytellers or sales people.

Kith Blessing: When the Nix makes Athletics rolls related to swimming or water sports, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Siren’s Lure: The Nix can breathe water as easily as air. The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Expression to ignore social penalties or Resistance up to the rolled successes plus Wyrd for the scene. This includes penalties from Forcing Doors in Social Maneuvering.


The True Fae are sticklers for rules and etiquette. Fairytales are full of examples, with the poor mortals who break these rules, knowingly or not, put to sleep for a century, turned into trees, or worse. But even in Arcadia, the Gentry have need of making sure their arbitrary and ever changing decrees are followed. The changelings that become oni are their enforcers. Through rigorous training and frequent punishment they learned to root out those that didn’t fit in.

Kith Blessing: When the Oni makes Subterfuge rolls related to blending in to a group or passing as a member, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Force of Nature: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Occult to summon howling winds, driving rain, and deafening thunder and inflict an Extreme Environment with a level equal to Wyrd on an area the size of a city block. Maintaining this effect for more than one turn requires one Glamour per turn, though no further rolls are requires.


Oracles are changelings who have become slightly unstuck in time. Their Keepers find humans who are lucky or who have a talent for prophecy and enhance this ability so that the Oracles can provide them with information about the future. Some accompany their Keepers as living warning systems, while other spend their time locked away and only taken out to dispense prophecies to their Keeper and her allies.

Kith Blessing: When the Oracle makes Investigation rolls related to a person, place, or event that she has previously used supernatural powers to perceive, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Wind the Clock: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and either roll Wits + Occult, shifting her perception into the immediate future and spending a number of turns there equal to Wyrd, or allow the Storyteller to secretly roll Wits + Occult to look even further and examine her visions more closely in order to ask yes or no questions about the most likely future of a single person, place, or object. While her perception is in the immediate future, the changeling gains a +5 bonus to Initiative as well as a +1 bonus to Defense, and cannot be surprised by an ambush. When examining the more distant future more closely, the Storyteller must correctly answer a number of questions equal to successes on the hidden roll. The changeling can only peer into the further future a number of times per day equal to her Wyrd, and may only do so once per target per day.


Some people naturally fade into the background. Gentry who need spies or wish unseen servants who will not disturb their elaborate revels transform these individuals into palewraiths. Although light does not harm her, a palewraith is a nocturnal creature of who is most comfortable in dim and shadowy environments. She is uncomfortable being the center of attention. Even if she is not shy or socially awkward, she has little interest in fame. Instead, she finds it easier to watch from the shadows, as she did in Arcadia.

Kith Blessing: When the Palewraith makes Stealth rolls in any environment where an average human would suffer penalties due to obscured vision or lack of light, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Ethereal Darkness: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Dexterity + Stealth when in any environment where her Kith Blessing applies in order to gain a bonus to Defense equal to Wyrd, and the ability to apply her Defense against firearms for the scene. Entering a well-lit area ends the effect early.


Pretty and poisonous, Poisonpetals are the toxic plants we're told not to touch and not to eat: poison ivy and foxglove; hemlock and nightshade; oleander, datura, and yew. Like their flowering counterparts, they spent time in woods and gardens, attracting the eye, inviting touch; unlike their cousins, they have a much nastier bite.

Kith Blessing: When the Poisonpetal makes Persuasion rolls in Social Maneuvering, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Poison: Poisonpetals may spend a Glamour once per scene to apply toxin to a target's skin or single serving of food/drink. Skin contact or ingestion bestows Drugged or Poisoned (Moderate) Tilts to a single target; even if multiple people drink from the same poisoned cup, the first target is the only one affected. All normal combat rules apply when attempting to touch an unwilling target. The Poisonpetal is immune to their own poison.

(Original concept from Fate's Harvest, adapted with permission.)


Generally easy going and usually sedate, the polychromatic is viewed as enigmatic member of changeling society. He is marked with vibrant colors of the rainbow that shifts and changes with his mood. The polychromatic was created for the sole purpose of decorating the home of his Gentry master. He was a sculpture of rich colors that changes with his mood. His master would incite, cajole, tempt, and taunt him to elicit a color response to go with the décor, or whatever else she might want at the moment.

Kith Blessing: When the Polychromatic makes Empathy rolls to identify the emotional state of others, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Polychromatic Mind: The changeling always knows when a supernatural effect is affecting his emotional state, or used to deliver unwanted impulses, reactions or commands. The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Composure + Wyrd in a Clash of Wills to end such effects. This requires an instant action to fight off the supernatural compulsion, but no supernatural compulsion can prevent the changeling from the attempt - even if explicitly commanded not to fight the effect, the changeling may do so.


A Keeper creates a razorhand to be a killer. Some Gentry wanted a bodyguard who could swiftly dispatch any threat, others desired an assassin able to slay his victims with a single blow but all wished to create exceptionally deadly changelings. Their Keeper made the changeling's body into a living weapon. While some embrace pacifism after their escape, in Arcadia, their Keepers forced razorhands to murder dozens of changelings and to also eliminate their enemies among the Gentry. Regardless of their Seeming, all razorhands look deadly and have blades, claws, or perhaps shards of crimson glass attached to their hands or fingers.

Kith Blessing: When the Razorhand makes Brawl rolls to maim a target, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faerazor: The changeling’s natural weapons act as 0L weapons, unless he has another ability that grants that effect, such as the Beast Seeming blessing, in which case he increases his natural weapon damage rating by one. The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Brawl to add half of his Wyrd (rounded up) to his natural weapon’s damage rating for the scene. While his attacks are so enhanced, he may reflexively spend further Glamour when attacking with his natural weapons to inflict the Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack, Blinded, or Deafened Tilts.


A render is capable of ripping a tree apart with her bare hands, or just as easily pulling down a building or shattering a retaining wall. She is not just brute strength, but employs wicked talons to aid her in her destruction. The render is created to destroy, usually by Gentry who can’t be bothered to create actual devices such as a wrecking ball or battering ram. She functions as a dispensable shock troop and was rarely expected to survive first contact with a mission, and if she did, she had the reward of being employed in new and dangerous ways.

Kith Blessing: When the Render makes Brawl rolls to destroy an inanimate object, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Siege Engine: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Strength + Brawl to ignore a number of points of armor or Durability equal to Wyrd with his attacks for the rest of the scene. On an exceptional success the armor or Durability is destroyed instead of simply ignored.


Other changelings may find it hard to relate to a riddleseeker, finding her constantly probing and logical personality somewhat cold and distant. For a riddleseeker, everything has a logical explanation, everything can be dissected and analyzed, and everything has a solution. The riddleseeker was created to make, solve, or even be a part of puzzles for her True Fae captor, forced to constantly pit her wits against other changelings or their masters.

Kith Blessing: When the Riddleseeker makes Investigation rolls to solve a riddle or puzzle, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Connect the Dots: Once per session, the changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Investigation to ask the Storyteller a number of yes or no questions equal to Wyrd about the relationship (or lack thereof) between people, places, things, and events at hand. The Storyteller must answer truthfully.


Although the Gentry are immortal, their servants, slaves, and retainers are not. Arcadia knows its share of bloodshed and violence, and the changelings who became roteaters were forced to dispose of the resulting corpses. Some were chained and kenneled, fed the scraps and off cuts of failed surgeries. Others followed in the wake of Faerie Hunting Hosts, picking over whatever tatters of flesh remained.

Kith Blessing: When the Roteater makes Survival rolls to find sustenance, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Rotstomach: The Roteater can go days equal to her Wyrd without food or water before beginning to suffer from deprivation. When ingesting a potentially harmful substance (rotting food, poison, drugs, etc) the Roteater may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Stamina + Survival in order to reduce the Toxicity of the substance by her Wyrd. Substances reduced to 0 Toxicity in this way (or which are harmful, but not harmful enough to have Toxicity in the first place) have no negative effects on her at all.


The hunt is just as important as the kill to many Gentry. They create creatures to out­run the hunter, making the hunt that much more enjoyable. A runnerswift is created as prey, constantly in fear of the baying of the hounds and call of the hunting horn. While such a Durance could create fearful and timid changelings, the runnerswift is anything but. Emboldened by his constant fight for survival and pitting his wits against those of the hunter, the runnerswift tends to be outspoken and engaging, embracing danger on his own terms.

Kith Blessing: When the Runnerswift makes Athletics rolls to evade pursuit, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faster than You: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Stamina + Athletics once per turn in order to change her Speed to a value equal to the Speed of the highest-Speed character in the scene plus twice her Wyrd. This effect stacks with itself and lasts for the duration of the current scene.


Some Gentry created sandharrowed to be spies or guards, others wanted strange living art, but all of them sought to remake humans into particularly strange and alien forms. In Arcadia, some of these changelings spent their existence as living sandstorms that never took solid form and others were animate sand dunes that lay in wait outside their Keeper's palace, ready to engulf intruders.

Kith Blessing: When the Sandharrowed makes Brawl rolls to initiate or escape a grapple, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Sandman: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Stamina + Athletics in order to become less solid for a single turn, gaining 2 Defense and enabling him to use Defense against Firearms. While less solid, he cannot use weapons or tools and cannot perform any physical actions except grappling or movement, and may slip through any opening he can fit the tip of his finger through. Maintaining this form over multiple turns requires spending further Glamour each turn, but does not necessitate multiple rolls.


The antithesis of the Bright Ones, these fae are the most beautiful chosen of the night. Their beauty comes from the darkness they swathe themselves in rather than the light they radiate. They were the favored concubines, adornments and handmaidens to nocturnal Keepers.

Kith Blessing: When the Shadowsoul uses Subterfuge to obfuscate their desires and goals, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Shroud: A Shadowsoul carries a palpable gloom, dimming sources of illumination, though the Mask normally prevents mortals from seeing it. The Shadowsoul can see normally in poor lighting, up to and including pitch darkness. She can spend a point of Glamour to cast the immediate area in a chilling shadow that lasts for the changeling's wyrd in turns; the Mask does not obscure this darkness. When the Shadowsoul uses this blessing, she smothers mundane light sources, and supernatural sources of light trigger a Clash of Wills.


The Wild Hunts are always in need of fresh quarry and many Lost spent their Durance trying to stay one step ahead of terrible, inhuman trackers. Those changelings who used the erratic, alien terrain to their advantage were made into skitterskulks. Scaling mountains of jagged crystal shards, crawling through thickets of twisted plastic tubing, scrambling up towers of gnarled rusted girders, these changelings forced themselves to navigate obstacles and hazards even the True Fae avoid.

Kith Blessing: When the Skitterskulk makes Athletics rolls to navigate difficult or hazardous terrain, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Wallcrawl: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Dexterity + Athletics to enable herself to climb any surface, no matter how sheer, with no penalty for the rest of the scene.


Gentry created skogsra to dwell in wilderness areas, where they served as game wardens, scouts, sentries, or especially clever prey for Gentry hunters. Gentry make people into skogsra by adding elements of wilderness creatures. In Arcadia, skogsra were simultaneously servants and wild, untamed creatures who were often difficult to control. Before their Durance, many skogsra rebelled against rules and conventional expectations.

Kith Blessing: When the Skogsra makes Survival rolls to track or hunt wildlife, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Wildmaster: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Presence + Animal Ken to gain the ability to speak with wild or feral animals for the scene, as well as give them simple commands. The animals will obey these commands, unless it is obviously a suicidal command, or if the animal is already under supernatural control (which provokes a Clash of Wills, with the Skogsra rolling Presence + Wyrd).


Entertainment in Arcadia isn’t all Faerie masquerade balls and Wild Hunts. Riddle games and logic puzzles are popular as well, but in the nonsensical world of the True Fae, logic is as changeable as the weather. Changelings who became Slewfeet amused their Keeper by answering quixotic conundrums and illogical enigmas. Constantly forced to think outside the box, they were conditioned to instantaneously unravel metaphorical and allegorical language and identify patterns in random elements. Those that didn’t were rebuild and rewired until they performed to exacting standards.

Kith Blessing: When the Slewfoot makes Investigation rolls to solve a mental puzzle or examine a scene for clues, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Fae Intuition: When undertaking an extended action where the Slewfoot’s Kith Blessing would apply, the changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Intelligence + Investigation to divide the required time for each roll by Wyrd+1.


The Gentry create smiths to work. Many spent their entire Durance within a dozen meters of their forges. Some Gentry look for people who enjoy making things and working with their hands and fashion these people into smiths who exist to create for beings devoid of creativity. Some smiths spend their Durance forging weapons and armor, others create exotic wonders like wings that allow the wearer to fly or chariots that can travel across any terrain, including water, or even clouds.

Kith Blessing: When the Smith makes Crafts rolls to build or repair objects, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faeforge: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Strength + Crafts to instantly repair any mundane object, restoring Durability and Structure equal to Wyrd.


The Gentry understand that wisdom can be found in the stars and alter some humans so they can most easily access this knowledge. Before their Durance most Telluric were dreamers and mystics who loved the night. Their Keepers used most tellurics as seers who provided advice and spied on their enemies..

Kith Blessing: When the Telluric makes Occult rolls related to folklore or omen interpretation, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Celestial Writ: Once per night, when gazing up at the sky, the changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Occult. If successful, you may ask the Storyteller a number of yes or no questions equal to Wyrd about your character’s life, his surroundings, a task at hand, or the world at large, which the Storyteller must answer truthfully.


The Gentry create most thussers to entertain, but others used them to distract fellow Gentry and their retainers, enabling them to spy or steal from rivals. They create thussers from mortals who are passionate about music. Most thussers were musicians before their Durance and the vast majority retain their love of music even after years of forced performances.

Kith Blessing: When the Thusser makes Expression rolls to play an instrument, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Captivating Tune: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Manipulation + Wyrd vs. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance in order to Captivate listeners. Captivated listeners will attempt to follow the Thusser if the changeling moves while continuing to play, and will attempt to follow through on non-verbal commands given by the Thusser, though such commands are subject to interpretation (and may require a Manipulation + Empathy roll to communicate successfully). Captivated listeners suffer the changeling’s Wyrd as a penalty to all rolls that aren’t related to following the Thusser’s non-verbal commands.


The landscape of the Faerie realms are full of unseen dangers; hidden snares to catch the unwary or foolish. The changelings who became trolls were forced to exert some control over these natural hazards. Made to guard an area, whether a treasure chamber, dank swamp, or the classic faerie tale bridge, the changeling turns the land itself against intruders.

Kith Blessing: When the Troll makes Subterfuge rolls to confuse a target with irrelevant information or play devil’s advocate, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Trollbridge: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and either roll Presence + Survival when walking the perimeter of an area in order to create a temporary Safe Place. The level of the Merit is equal to half of the changeling’s Wyrd, and the area can manifest traps that cause lethal damage as per Safe Place (but without requiring Crafts or any other rolls). The effect lasts for 24 hours or until the changeling leaves, whichever is longer.


Some Gentry wish to ape the experience of having a beloved companion, others seek to motivate their changelings by providing them with such a companion. These Gentry find people who are especially loyal and caring and transform them into truefriends. While many Gentry who keep these changelings attempt to treat them relatively well, some were later discarded, and others cared more for freedom than comfort. Both in Arcadia and back in the human world, truefriends seek companions they can trust and care about.

Kith Blessing: When the Truefriend makes Empathy rolls related to a person they are bound to, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Ties that Bind: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Empathy when interacting with someone that is important to her in order to bind herself to them. This requires thirty seconds of uninterrupted physical contact. If the bound is a changeling, this usually results in small pieces of the Truefriend’s mien bleeding through into the bound’s mien, similar to a one-dot Mantle, though it has no mechanical effect. If the bound is a mortal or other supernatural, the mortal gains the ability to see the through the Truefriend’s Mask at all times, and likewise has some small part of the Truefriend’s mien imprinted upon them, though it is Masked to other mortals. Truefriends automatically resist all mundane and supernatural attempts to turn them against those they have bound themselves to. Once per scene, if she touches someone she is bound to and spends a point of Glamour, both she and the person she is bound to gain the Steadfast Condition, which fades at the end of the scene without resolving if not used. The Truefriend may only bind herself to a number of people equal to Wyrd, and once bound, may not unbind herself - even death does not unmake the connection, though it may carry on to the individual’s ghost at Storyteller discretion.


Locked away from the light and warmth of the sun, tunnelgrubs were those changelings who spent their durance beneath the surface of the earth. Slinking along through echoing caverns, silent crypts, or slimy sewer tunnels, they pulled, pushed, and slid their bodies through the dank Arcadian underground. The vast weight of earth pressing down on them stretched them out, crushed them flat, and made them malleable enough to wriggle and squirm through the tiniest of spaces.

Kith Blessing: When the Tunnelgrub makes Brawl rolls to escape a grapple, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Tunnelform: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Dexterity + Occult to reduce his effective size by up to his Wyrd dots (minimum 0) for a scene, or until he chooses to end this effect. This reduction in size makes it much easier to navigate in tight spaces, but does result in a commensurate decrease in health.


Arcadia is full of noxious, toxic substances, and venombites are changelings who were altered by those poisons, becoming lethal as a result of their durance. Some lived in a realm where the very air was poisonous, or gained their ability from being force-fed toxic substances. Others were groomed by their Keepers to be guardians or bodyguards, their venomous nature written large on their flesh in brightly colored bands. Still others were assassins, poison-­barbed tongues ready to dart forth in a fatal kiss.

Kith Blessing: When the Venombite makes Brawl rolls to initiate, maintain, or bite during a grapple, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faevenom: The changeling’s bite is treated as a 0L weapon, he may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Occult when biting during a grapple in order to deliver a potent toxin along with the bite. In combat, this inflicts the grave version of the Poisoned Tilt. Once the combat is over, is acts as a poison with a Toxicity equal to Wyrd plus the number of rolled successes, with an interval of 10 minutes.


Pitch black oceans that have never known light. Broad, swift rivers that have no end. Wide, placid lakes covering green fields of water weeds. Faerie has its bodies of water, strange and fantastic like the rest of Arcadia. The changelings that became waterborn spent their durance in these aquatic realms, serving strange, waterlogged Keepers.

Kith Blessing: When the Waterborn makes Athletics rolls related to underwater combat, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faeflow: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Occult when fully immersed in a body of water in order to dissolve herself into the water. While dissolved, the changeling is immune to damage and may move her consciousness through the body of water, multiplying her speed by Wyrd +1. At the end of the scene, the changeling reforms from the water wherever her consciousness is located - if it’s located somewhere that her physical body can’t fit (such as in a pipe) she is shunted towards the nearest part of the body of water where it can. The Waterborn may maintain this effect scene-to-scene by continuing to spend Glamour, though further rolls are not required.


The Gentry are always spying on each other; gathering information and storing it away for later. No tidbit is too small, no conversation is unimportant, and no piece of gossip is useless. The changelings who became whisperwisps were the spies and undercover agents of Arcadia, sent out to observe, eavesdrop, and report back.

Kith Blessing: When the Whisperwisp makes Socialize rolls intended to facilitate extracting information, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Whisper: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Investigation, gaining the ability to hear with perfect clarity for the scene at distances of up to a city block away for each dot of Wyrd. She is always able to focus on the specific sounds that interest her, with no further rolls required. She can also make her own whispers audible to anyone that she can perceive at the same distance.


Gentry seeking to create a witchtooth typically find people who are filled with anger at the injustice of their lives and an interest in the occult. Most of these Gentry use the changeling as a tool against their rivals. Other Gentry amuse themselves by ordering the witchtooth to curse other changelings. In Arcadia, a witchtooth is feared by other changelings and sometimes by everyone Gentry except her Keeper.

Kith Blessing: When the Witchtooth makes Occult rolls to create talismans or other mystical tools, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Enervate: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Intelligence + Occult as an instant action in order to inflict a curse on anyone he can clearly see without any intervening medium. This curse causes all of the target’s failures to be rendered into dramatic failures for a twenty-four hour period, or until they have suffered a number of dramatic failures equal to the rolled successes on the activation roll plus the changeling’s Wyrd. So long as one of the Witchtooth’s curses is active, any rolls the changeling spends Willpower on are considered an exceptional success if they achieve three successes.


Gentry create woodbloods by transforming a changeling into an animate tree. The changeling requires sun and soil much like humans require food and is now attuned to the land and the seasons in a deep and fundamental fashion. Before their Durance, many woodbloods were avid gardeners or hikers. Once in Arcadia, their Keepers transformed them into sentries, decorative woodlands, or residents of dangerous forests filled with deadly animate plants.

Kith Blessing: When the Woodblood makes Stealth rolls while standing on soil or another natural surface, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Take Root: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Survival as an instant action while standing in soil in order to take root and become part of the environment. The changeling becomes immune to the Knocked Down Tilt and cannot be forcibly moved without uprooting him (which requires an extended action to dig out the soil around him). While rooted, any rolls to locate the changeling suffer a penalty equal to Wyrd.


The woodwalker is a wild and untamed thing. Left to her own devices, she prefers a solitary life surrounded by wooded areas, yet she can be convinced to live in more populated urban sprawls as long as she can stay on the streets. The Gentry create the woodwalker to tend to the wildest places of Arcadia. She might have simply trod paths to keep them usable, or was forced to forge new paths or cut through dangerous overgrowth.

Kith Blessing: When the Woodwalker makes Survival rolls to navigate in unfamiliar territory, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.

Faerie Compass: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Occult as an instant action in any circumstance where he has an unimpeded view of the sky. On success, the changeling gains an unerring sense of direction, and also negates navigation penalties (including Hedge navigation penalties) equal to rolled successes plus Wyrd for the scene.


”Easy with the bottle. I haven’t caught a nightmare that nasty in years. And in the slumber of an eight-year old, no less. Bastards.”

The True Fae always seek to possess what they do not have, and, for many of them, no place is as rich a hunting ground for nightmarish treasures and sickly delights as human slumber. The mortal subconscious provides an infinite array of ever-changing treasures that can be claimed by these Gentry and their agents. When the Fae do not wish to enter mortal dreams themselves, they send their agents to snatch these baubles. Those Lost who serve to steal eidolons and props from the dreamscape become Slumbersnatch. Slumbersnatch may steal in fierce competition to impress their Keepers, or they may be assigned specific targets. Some are used to capture nightmares that can be brought to life in Arcadia or set loose in another’s dream.

Kith Blessing: When making a Manipulation + Empathy roll to judge the strength of a Bastion’s Fortification (p 221), achieving 3 successes counts as an exceptional success.

Dreamcatcher: When in dream combat with an eidolon or prop and damage is allocated that would destroy that eidolon or prop, a Slumbersnatch may spend 1 point of glamour to capture it instead. In the dreamscape, the container may take any form the Lost wishes, however in the moral realm, it always appears as a stoppered green glass bottle. These captured dream objects and nightmares may be released in any dreamscape or in the hedge, where they follow the rules for Hedge Ghosts (p 236). If they are released in the waking mortal world, they cease to exist.

Chrysalis Mythic Creature Forms

Regular Dragon

Strength 6, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4

Speed: 13, Size: 7

Attacks: Bite +2, Claw +1

Can fly at x2 speed.

Massive Dragon

Strength 9, Dexterity 2, Stamina 7

Speed: 15, Size: 15

Attacks: Bite +1, Claw +3

Can fly at x2 speed.


Strength 1, Dexterity 5, Stamina 1

Speed 10, Size 1

Attacks: None

Can fly at x3 speed.

Goblin Fruits

Apple of Discord

The Apple of Discord is rare, but not as rare as most would like. It appears as a golden apple. When exposed in the presence of more than one person, text manifests written upon it, visible only to those who can see beyond the Mask. That text will be a phrase that the person using it decides is likely to invoke spite, such as "For the prettiest", "Actually...", or "You're all wrong." All who perceive the Apple must immediately roll Resolve + Composure - 2 or acquire the Competitive condition. The Condition resolves without a Beat if the Apple is destroyed or removed from the scene, but if the Apple is eaten as a result of the characters' competition, the Competitive condition can be resolved for a beat at the players' choice. The Apple grants +1 glamour if eaten, and tastes like bitter tears and apple cider. If it was acquired and eaten as the end result of a competition, the Apple also grants the eater the Steadfast Condition.


Grows where the Hedge is steeped in grief and loss, in vines with bunches that look a lot like grapes from a distance. The heartease fruit itself is shaped remarkably like a human heart, and pulses gently on the vine. Its texture is dense and chewy, flavored with copper and salt, like bloody tears, although it turns sweeter when cooked, so is a favorite for tarts and pies. When consumed, the eater forgets their deepest source of grief for a scene, ensuring that it cannot be used against them, including as a Breaking Point or other form of Integrity damage. However, when the effect wears off, the grief returns as sharp as the initial cut, and the consumer cannot regain Willpower by rest for the next day.

Sour Melon

A common goblin fruit, although difficult to harvest and grow due to its preferred growing area being deep in the Thorns. It appears to be a fist-sized melon, with a cantaloupe-like rind and black flesh. This fruit is intensely, horrifically sour, with juice that coats the interior of the mouth and makes it impossible to stop tasting it (or taste anything else) for a scene. It also forces the eater to exude a sweat that masks their own odor, making them impossible to track by scent for a scene, as well as dealing with any unfortunate hygiene issues the Lost might usually have. Of course, it also suppresses any pleasant scent the eater might carry and any benefits those might provide, such as pheromone-based abilities.


An oddment found in the Hedge that is often mistaken for a small hobgoblin - Spinners look like orb weaver spiders and can be found dangling from places where the Thorns have been damaged. When touched, they curl up into a ball, until they are placed on an open wound, at which point they uncurl, and weave a pale, cold bandage of silk around the wound. This heals 1 point of lethal damage. Once a spinner has healed a wound, it turns to cold, dead stone.


Sometimes money does grow on trees - or, at least, these goblin fruits do, and they look exactly like the smallest coin denomination of their local environment. They can be consumed for 1 glamour, as normal, but their other ability only activates when they're slipped into a shoe that's then worn. When carried in this way, the bearer exudes an aura of wealth, regardless of her clothing or actual resources: she can negotiate a service as if she had Resources of one dot higher in a scene. The toepenny loses its power after one use, and if a roll associated with purchasing the service fails, it automatically becomes a dramatic failure.



The instigator is not satisfied with the status quo, and sees no reason anybody else should be either. Whether through pointed questions, direct challenges, or subtle provocations, she seeks to make those around her question their assumptions and remain wary of complacency.

Single Willpower: Provoke a discussion challenging accepted wisdom.
All Willpower: Cause someone to examine a foundational belief.



Those motivated by spite find satisfaction in contrariness. It's a reminder that they truly do direct their own course, free of the puppet-strings of Arcadia.

Single Willpower: Act contrary to how you're expected to act.
All Willpower: Act contrary to how a superior has ordered you to act.


Those motivated by justice find their vocation in trying to even the scales in the world around them, using whatever particular code of law and justice they believe in. Justice is similar to Honor, but while you maintain Honor internally Justice must be maintained externally.

Single Willpower: Act contrary to your own interests or desires because it's the just thing to do.
All Willpower: Put yourself at significant risk to bring justice for another.


Uncanny Dodge

Contract of Shield (Common)

Stories are completely full of how amazing the Fae are at getting away and maneuvering out of danger. They are keen at disappearing, at suddenly slipping from bonds, but also they can be experts at dodging harm. When an enemy wishes to hurt a Fae, they have a way of moving so they just are not in the same place anymore.

Effect: Lost with this contract are extremely hard to ambush and difficult to hit in a fight. They tend toward not even wanting to be in a fight to begin with, but when it happens, they are very adept at avoiding harm.

As a reflexive action, Lost with this contract can add their Wyrd to Wits + Composure observation rolls on attempts to ambush them.

For one point of glamour, the Lost can triple their Defense as dice for dodging before any bonuses are applied.

Beast: Beasts can also add their Wyrd to the dodge roll after the defense is tripled.

Wizened: Wizened can add the 8-again quality to their dodge roll.

Roll: There is no roll for this Contract.

Loophole: The Lost has not initiated any attacks in this scene.