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"“Human Stupidity, that’s why Hackers always win."- Med Amine Khelifi

Cassadee Rose Beaumont

Deed Name: ?
Nicknames: Cass, Cassie, Megabit, Lil Byte, Cassette
Otherself Names: Rich, Richie, Dee, Guy
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Birthdate: April 20th 1999
Height: 4'10"
Hair & Eyes: Brunette / Molten Silver
Blood: The Fox
Bone: Hedonist
Tribe Iron Master
Auspice Ithaeur
Lodge None Yet
Pack: Nope!
Mystery Cult: The Anonymous
Notable Effects: Small-Framed
Played By: Magdalena Zalejska/Apolonka



Cassadee is originally from Georgia, which means she isn't too far from home, being only two states away. But she thought the liveliness of New Orleans could help her with a needed new start. Rumor has it the move was spurned by the loss of her close family.

RP Hooks

o Barcade : She is known to hang out at this gaming bar more often than not, rumor has it she is a silent owner.
o Newish to Town : She has only very recently arrived to New Orleans as of mid-May. She still has that southern drawl when she speaks.
o Werewolf : Welp! That happened. It is new but Cassie is embracing her inner wolf.
o Computers : She is rather skilled with code, though this is mostly only known by others within either coding or 'extended family' circles.
o Coffee : She drinks so much of it, that might as well be in her veins instead of blood.
o Old Money : She is loaded to the gills, ridiculously so and tries to buy the affection of others.
o Pothead/Budding Hedonist : She constantly reeks of marijuana and has begun starting to experiment with the harder stuff.




The Blood
Hails - "Bestie <3Always great for partying with!"
Howie - "like your tact. A Lot.Still yours no matter what"
Sab - " Your timing is immensely amusing and am glad to have you around."
Mentor - " With how much I learn from you, I feel like I should eavesdrop more often!"
Roomie - " Happy to have another teacher in this new life."

BamBam - "Will miss you as well but new cities can do crazy things. I get it."

Seven - "Seems you are a firebug just like my bestie."