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Full Name Bowen Brantley
Apparent Age 30s
Blood Beta
Bone Community Organizer
Occupation Working Man
Sphere Werewolf
Tribe Iron Masters
Auspice Elodoth

I Know a Guy

Bowen Brantley isn't from around here. He was born in Florida. Normal life until he changed a few years back. Wasn't pretty but he's heard of worse. Bowen grinds. He works hard, he's persistent, he's annoying when he needs to be. The man gets along well with the working class, focusing his efforts on human organizations and structures to ease the path of the Uratha in cities. Need a job? He knows a guy. Need to fence some goods? He knows a guy. Need some legal aid? He knows a guy. Well, that one's a woman. He makes the connections, he doles out the favors and he's willing to discuss helping someone out.

RP Hooks
  • Uratha - Bowen is one. A half-moon of the Iron Masters.
  • Connected - He knows people. He's got connections. If you need help, ask him.
  • New Arrival - Newly arrived to the Crescent City but he has some family ties in the area.

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