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Bishop Hurt
Date of Birth February 19, 1984
Apparent Age Mid-30s
Blood Destroyer
Bone Lone Wolf
Occupation Former Action Hero
Auspice Rahu
Tribe Blood Talons
Pack Bad Vibes


Bad Vibes


In the mid-90s, Bishop Hurt was a well-known name among the amateur boxing circuits. The second Tyson, aggressive, strong, with a flawless career that, once he turned eighteen and went pro, would surely be one for the record books. Come eighteen, Bishop goes pro, has one match, and promptly retires. Rumors swirled about the cause; couldn't take the pressure, a substance abuse problem, disagreements with his manager, some even suggested pure cowardice, backing off after his first taste of a real fighter.

Unknown to most, Bishop had Changed, and the sheer murderous power in his blood terrified him. A professional fighter is no place for a Rahu, and so he retired, tarnishing an entire lifetime of hard work and discipline and spoiling his reputation. Bitter, he drifted, eventually being recruited by email by a fan of his -- a wolf-blooded sound designer who worked with an all-wolf small movie studio that did schlock action, horror, and pornography to pay the bills. He was offered a job; he looked good, he was young and well-built, and he had nothing better to do, so Bishop agreed. He joined Bloody Tooth Productions.

Thus began the colorful, fifteen year movie career of Bishop Hurt, who became famous world-over among all those who adore high-adrenaline, kind of stupid movies made with more heart than technical skill or production values. Fans watched him battle demons, spirits, and all manner of monsters; they watched him rescue busty blondes and ravenous redheads; they saw him avenge dead partners, and put an end to wicked cults, to absolutely rad keytar synth riffs. He became synonymous with that old-fashioned style of cheesy action. Tragedy struck Bloody Tooth, however, and the studio eventually broke apart in the late 2010s, interpersonal dramas among the small staff coinciding with a few accidental deaths during a weekend getaway resulting in their doors being forever shut.

Bishop vanished for a few years, and has only now resurfaced in New Orleans, with nothing more than a beat-up car, a trailer, and two beautiful twins in tow.

RP Hooks

Schlock Hero: Bishop was a titan in the field of B-movie adventures and softcore pornography, often in the same films, from 2002 to 2017. Come meet your hero!

Anger Issues: Bishop has a lot to be angry about. He has a lot to be bitter about. The very nature of his life inclines him to tread the dangerous roads of kuruth, and he often finds himself in bad situations due to a violent temper.

Primal: For a long time, Bishop tried to deny his Primal Urge, to maintain a higher Harmony. He thought this would help his control, and atone for the pain his Change caused. It didn't work; he's come to New Orleans for a fresh start, to try and achieve real communion with his true nature. Extended trips in the Shadow, long periods of time in non-human forms, and frequent Hunts are his new bread and butter.

Werewolf Hunter: Bishop is devoted most to the hunting of other werewolves. His Renown almost all revolve around conflict with them. He doesn't think he's the best warrior out there, but he's aiming for it -- so that he can maintain his track record of never killing another wolf.

Trailer Park Alpha Male: Bishop cruised in almost two years ago, parked himself in a trailer park down near Timber Grove, and then flaunted two beautiful teen girls on his arms. He's since become the resident badass, taking care of problems in the area; whether your boyfriend's a drunk who hits you, your children are unruly monsters, or you fucked up your finger trying to repair your car, he's there. People wouldn't say he's warm, but he is handy, even if his solutions tend to be frightening and violent. Then again.. sometimes, the problems are real bad, and that's exactly what people need.

Big Brother Instinct: Though he'd never say it out loud, Bishop considers himself the big brother of basically everyone who needs help. If you seem like an OK sort, he'll protect you from the bullies -- even if he's liable to hit you upside the head himself.


Aoife  : Quiet, wild, and always moving, like a river grinding away at the rocks.

Fiadh : You burn everything you touch, butterball. I don't hate the enthusiasm.

Zoe : The wind blew in a stray, but maybe it's not so bad to adopt. The twins need a friend.

The Various NPCs of Cypress Grove : You're all struggling, but you're family. I'll take care of you -- just stay out of my way when there's blood in the air.

Fruit-Of-The-Loins : You remind me of a little spirit that follows me around. There's something pure and primal about you that I shouldn't listen to.


Bad Vibes: A self-help guru at a summer retreat turns out to be feeding on his flock's tender flesh. Bishop's first starring role as Dick Ripper, come to avenge his dead girlfriend.

Open Sesame: When foolhardy archaeologists disturb the tomb of alien prince Tutenkhamen-Ra, it's up to dashing space cop Bill Studly to save the day.

Mein Fury, Mein Fuhrer: Nazi occultists unleash an ancient god of hate to thwart the Allies. Lieutenant Buff Kickem seals the portal by kicking Adolf Hitler down a hole.

Redeadening: An outbreak at a government laboratory resurrects the dead with a fierce hunger for flesh -- and fast food! Jimmy Hooligan, conspicuously buff fry cook at Mega Burger, brings the pain.

It Came From The Not Too Deep: Turns out Dread Cthulhu lived at Sea World, and nobody ever noticed. He's awake and pissed. Holy man and dolphin aficionado Cross Crow sends the space-demon back to hell.

Painfist: He killed his sensei in a duel and never said why. Now, tortured wanderer Wanderer wanders the Wastelands, dispensing five-knuckle justice to the forces of the Warlord one zinger at a time.

Hard Luck: Professional gambler Guy Steele runs afoul of the Russian mafia, and must enter a game of chance and skill with the highest stakes: life and death.

Trek Wars: The suave Captain Abram Volt faces off against an evil intergalctic empire lead by the sexy and devious Empress Maledicta.

Breastica, Queen of the Wildlands: Astronaut Peck Armstrong crash lands on a mysterious and savage planet populated entirely by large-breasted women, ruled by the jiggling bosom of Queen Breastica.

... and so many more!