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Beauregard 'Beau' Carveaux
Date of Birth 3-10-1992
Apparent Age Late 20s
Virtue Loyalty
Vice Fanaticism
Occupation Family Errand Boy
Template Human


  • Wealthy Elite - The Carveaux family is a branch of a dynastic French family which became far more discreet around the time the guillotines came out in Paris. Their money appears to be old and many times reinvested, making it difficult to say just how they came into it in the first place.
  • Occult - His, but more likely his family's name, may be familiar around occult circles, especially those dealing with relics and artifacts. The last decade or so, Beau has been the face most likely to show up for secret auctions and playing courier to pick up or deliver relics traded.
  • New Englanders - The Carveaux family settled in northern Maine four generations ago, taking over several hundred acres in the unorganized territories tucked amongst the trees. Miles away from anyone. They still host various events, and attend others, that might have been attended by others in the wealth or occult circles from the region.
  • Party Scene - That's the celebrity 'this party cost more than a minimum wage yearly income' kind of parties, the kind that are emulated in music videos and pop culture. Multi-day globe-trotting affairs of complete indulgence.
  • Philanthropy - Though it's hidden through various 'anonymous' faces, the family does oversee various charitable organizations with a focus on education, heritage site preservation, and wild land preservation. Being one of the more personable in the family, Beau often attends and might have been seen along the sidelines at a number of different events.


  • Heart of Gold - There's a warmth about him and an inability to easily jump to negative conclusions, or even to exhibit the slightest bit of guile. He's an open book with most of the pages on skepticism and doubt ripped out.
  • Dumb as a Rock - It's also clear fairly quickly that the lights are running a little dim. He operates well on things someone has taken the patience to teach him, and follows a detailed 'personal code' full of rules about how to navigate life. It still leaves him gullible and prone to mishaps when he doesn't remember exactly how something is supposed to go.
  • Curious - He's full of questions that he'll probably only half-remember the answers to later.
  • Hungry - It's a wonder he stays as slim as he does. The man always seems to have some sort of snack in or near at hand and will always suggest someplace with eats before anyplace that doesn't have them.