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Axle New.png
Sofia Williams-Smith
Date of Birth 8 Sept 2000
Apparent Age 18-20
Blood Warden
Bone Hedonist
Occupation Grease Monkey
Auspice Ithauer
Tribe Iron Masters
Pack The Fixers


Bad bitch, bad ass — even if it's only in her mind. Sofia Sanaa Williams-Smith was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She came to New Orleans around Thanksgiving 2019, fleeing the Pure Ones who had taken over in Chicago. She was a wee sprog when she first fell in love with cars, trucks, motorcycles... Her first crush was a cherry red 1966 Shelby GT350. She worked in her Uncle Daryl's garage (Willie D's Auto Service) from the time she was 12 years old. Axle works hard to cultivate the image of a capable auto mechanic in spite of her gender. She's also a bottomless font of trivia when it comes to classic cars and a crack driver. Axle used to be a Wolfblood whose father (Elan Smith) is an Elodoth in the Iron Masters, which she also considers her tribe. She is a founding member of The Fixers, a mixed pack of Werewolves, Wolfbloods, Humans, and Changelings, with allies in about all the supernatural communities. Axle underwent her First Change under the crescent moon on July 18, 2020. Due to bad luck in the heart department, she has become jaded about relationships and is taking a break from "love".

Character Sheet Peek

Notable Attributes: Dexterity Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png; Wits Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png

Notable Skills: Crafts Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png (Automotive); Athletics Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png; Drive Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png (Evasion)

Notable Merits: Ambidextrous; Area of Expertise (Automotive) ; Common Sense; Crack Driver

Wolfy Traits: Primal Urge 1; Harmony 7

Renown: Rank 1; Wisdom Weeskull.pngWeeskull.png; Cunning Weeskull.png

Gifts: Crescent Moon's Gift - Shadow Gaze (Weeskull.png), Spirit Whispers (Weeskull.pngWeeskull.png); Gift of Shaping - Sculpt (Wisdom); Gift of the Elementals - Breath of Air (Cunning)

Rites: Sacred Hunt (Weeskull.pngWeeskull.png); Fetish (Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png); Great Hunt (Weeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.pngWeeskull.png)

Bad-Ass Battle 'butes: Defense 7; Speed: 11; Initiative 7; Size: 5; Perception: 7; Willpower 6

RP Hooks

Cub: She just endured her First Change in July 2020. She has a lot to learn! Werewolves out there are welcome to meddle in her erducation.

Spirit Mentor: Ol' monkey fingers is always looking to learn more about spirits, to learn new Rites, and to explore the New Orleans Hisil. She know three rites at the moment—Fetish-Making, The Sacred Hunt and the Great Hunt—but needs much moar knowledge than that. Hoping to become an expert Fetish maker some time down the road.

Grease Monkey: Axle is fast becoming an expert auto mechanic. Need a vehicle repaired? Want a custom body modification for a vehicle? Or maybe you just need an oil change or a tune-up. It's a good "in" to a scene with her. No "lube job" jokes. She hates that.

Disclaimer: Axle has been unlucky in romantic relationships and has stopped playing the field.

The People in Her Life

Her Packmates: Stevie, Ramsey, Way, Fawn, Fen, Jeanie, MacKenzie, The_Fixers

Her Friends: Rafael, Agatha, Maximo, Seraphine (Former Packmate)

Her Enemies: Sexy Dan (NPC)

NPC Contacts: Left: Joe Villefranche (Handyman at Pink Flamingo Hotel); Middle: Emmet Fontenot (Wolfblood and Sergeant at Arms of the Reckless Crows, Werewolf Pack from Chalmette, LA about 8 miles from New Orleans); Right: Luc "Lafayette" Delandre (Ithaeur Storm Lord, Chaplain of the Reckless Crows).

Joe Villefranche Emmet Fontenot Lafayette Delandre


Axle in Urshul Form Axle's Neck Tat Home Away From Home

Axle's Current Vehicle Monkey Fingers

Logs featuring Axle