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Audrey Richard.jpg
Audrey Richard
Date of Birth February 2, 1998
Apparent Age Early 20s
Virtue Loyalty
Vice Hedonism
Occupation Tourist Trap Wage Slave


Port Sulphur, Louisiana is Audrey's hometown. 1,700 souls strong south of New Orleans, on the lurching stretch of the bayou that makes up Plaquemines Parish as it dumps into the Gulf.

Chief products: Sulphur, Fish, Despair, Opioid Addiction.

She left at 19 for the United States Army, throwing herself headlong into the relief of structure, discipline, and principle that it would provide since Port Sulphur could not.

She made it 7 weeks into Basic before other plans were imposed on her.

RP Hooks

  • Lost Boy - Some people are selected for the Delta Protocol because they shine for them, in some way. Audrey didn't shine. She was a payment for a debt that needed to be settled. She didn't jump. She was pushed.
  • Don't That Just Pucker Your Right Eye? - Sometimes a point has to be made and the tone has to be set to maximum stank.
  • The Lost - She knows enough that her current lack of protections but former status as Fae Touched is uh, a touch problematic.
  • Shadow Accords - She signed it, mostly motivated by the idea that she'd finally meet a Vampire if she did.
  • Spin Up, Drop Out - Every zip, pill, shot, or dubious right swipe is a good choice dressed in a bad choice's sweater.


Gast - I'll fuckin' knock on any Hedge door I want, thanks.


Matthew Perryman Jones - Canción de la Noche
:Missing pieces from the fall
:All the cradled desire
:Cold, starved roving eyes
:As I wander in silent alibis

Dana Immanuel - Motherfucking Whore
:Don't just stand around, if you're giving up then you're going down
:There's the plank, here's a tip - keep a hold of your valuables when jumping ship
:This is your reward, but where the party's at is overboard, and
:you're hunched and teetering on your heels, wondering how good drowning feels