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Ashton Choi 1.jpg
Ashton Choi
Date of Birth 06/18/1995
Apparent Age Early to Mid Twenties
Needle Scholar
Thread Friendship
Occupation Relic Hunter
Template Changeling
Seeming Darkling
Kith Airtouched/Witchtooth
Court Spring


Despite being a native resident of always busy New York City, Ashton grew up convinced that he we wouldn't have a normal nine-to-seven job. That was just too boring and mundane for his tastes. This was compounded by the barely concealed fact that his family line was special somehow. Unfortunately, he was always discouraged from asking as a child and an untimely tragedy left him the only living member of his family before he was considered of age for initiation into its secrets. When he started developing a sixth sense for objects touched by mystical energies, there was no one he could turn to help him figure it all out. So he started poking around on his own. And he eventually poked into the wrong place. Now he's back after years of living in hell, drastically changed in both body and soul... and he still hasn't learned his lesson about sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.


At first glance, Ashton looks like a young Asian man in his early to mid-twenties with an unimpressive height of five foot four inches and a slender build that veers towards a misleading delicacy. Then, the utterly unnatural pigmentation of his features quickly gives him away as non-human. Instead of hair, long tendrils of storm-gray mist flow from his scalp, wisps of it constantly breaking away from the cords that bind the sleek mass. Every inch of exposed skin on his body is the pale pewter of spring rainclouds, while his nails, teeth and eyelashes have the translucent consistency of brittle ice. Similarly colorless are his pupil-less silver eyes, which glow softly with their own inner light. What's often mistaken as a third eye grows from the middle of his forehead, but turns out to be an small, iridescent white pearl instead. Close inspection shows that Ashton's pallid skin is also completely covered by tiny, overlapping clear scales, each one meticulously etched with a Chinese character relating to the concepts of fate, fortune and karma. The thick scent of spring rain and young grass wafts gently from his form, along with feathery wisps of illusionary warm mist.

RP Hooks

True Magic: Ashton grew up idolizing the likes of Gandalf, Dumbledore and Harry Dresden. He wasn't completely a vanilla mortal and now he's fully magical all on his own, even if the journey there sucked big time. Do you have magical abilities too? He'd love to learn more.

Relics: Ashton was able to sense items with magical properties back when he was a mortal. He was a budding relic hunter (and antique shop loiterer) before he was dragged to Arcadia. Now, he's back and he's picking things up where they left off.

Martial Arts: Ashton took some martial arts lessons as a kid. He wasn't anything special. He developed much greater expertise during his Durance, but lost most of it along with a large chunk of his memories about his time in Arcadia after his escape. He's still trying to regain those skills.

Adventures: Ashton rarely says no to a good adventure. You find all kinds of things when you go poking arounding in places you shouldn't - secrets, danger, treasure. Let's just hope that the rewards justify the risks.

Changeling Courts: Ashton is a member of the Spring Court. The general outlook simply matches his the most. That said, he has some Court Goodwill in Autumn and would love to expand that to all the other Courts too.

Books: Ashton loves books. Old books, new books. Large books, small books. You'll often see him browsing an old fashion book shop or conducting research in a library. He's young enough to appreciate the convenience of eBooks, but you just want to handle the real thing sometimes.

Food: Ashton may not look like it, but he actually eats a lot. He's simply the type that rarely gains weight. Want to invite him to a meal? Or maybe just wave a donut under his nose? He's also trying to learn how to cook, so lessons are appreciated.

Freehold Militia: Ashton is part of the Freehold's militia. Have a problem? Maybe he can help. Even if he's not the person with the appropriate skill set, he might be able to pass it along to someone else in the militia that meets the right criteria.


Athletics Mdot0.pngMdot0.pngMdot0.png

Investigation Mdot0.pngMdot0.pngMdot0.png

Language (Mandarin) Mdot0.png

Multilingual (Cantonese, Latin) Mdot0.png

Occult (Relics, Banes) Mdot0.pngMdot0.pngMdot0.pngMdot0.png

Resources Mdot0.pngMdot0.png


Court Goodwill (Autumn) Mdot0.png

Mantle (Spring) Mdot0.pngMdot0.pngMdot0.png


In Residence:

Cat - Thousand faces. Apt mentor. Worthy exchanges only.

Embla - Hidden potential. Lucky encounter. Opening eyes and budding mind.

Eogan - Night wolf. Honeyed words. Be still my heart.

Ezra - Moon rabbit. Expert archer. Shared Keeper.

Gilles - French brewer. Natural charisma. Favorite restaurateur.

Hawthorne - Militia Lieutenant. Mighty spear. Bear slayer.

Helle - Talented artist. Friend's twin. No more scary movies.

Jacob - Dark Faery. Swirling currents and hidden traps. Probably crazy.

Lambert - Celebrated chef. Best midnight snacks. Most floofy.

Maggie - Frozen maiden. Winter fashionable. Fellow brownie lover.

Prism - Undying ember. Brightest light. To dance on the ceiling once more.

Samuel - Version 1.0. Friend from a previous life. Taken and Changed.

Simin - Frost dragon. Hedge expert. Best hair.


Conri - Blue dragon. Quiet strength. West to my East.

Luthien - Striking beauty. Velvet and steel. Let's ravish them together.


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