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Ashkii Nakai
Date of Birth June 27, 1985
Apparent Age Thirties
Blood Relentless
Bone Hedonist
Template Werewolf
Auspice Rahu
Tribe Hunters in Darkness
Pack Seeking


He is Meninna, a Hunter in the Darkness.

He is the devil in the dark. The chase is in his blood and the terror is in his bones. He is the howl on the moors, the hot panting breath in the mist, the reason parents tell their children to avoid the woods at night.

The Hunters in Darkness are the quintessential werewolves, at least as popular culture imagines them. Beasts cleverer than any wolf and more savage than any man, they tolerate no intruders in their territory. They stalk and harry, picking off the weakest and most isolated first, building the rest to a fever pitch of terror and a headlong dash through the night. It’s not enough to simply drive interlopers off. The Meninna’s hunt only ends one way, for long ago they swore an oath: Nu Mus Halhala. “Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated.”

Consider that scene in the slasher movie, the one where the teenagers have been hounded and picked off one by one as they’re chased through the forest by a lunatic with a chainsaw and a leather mask. They find what they think is a sheltering cabin where they can regroup and hide, but then they see the wind chimes made of human pelvic girdles and they realize oh shit, we’re not safe at all. We’re right where that bastard wants us.

The Hunters in Darkness are the guy with the chainsaw.

RP Hooks