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Aristide Louviere
Date of Birth July 10, 1910
Apparent Age Over the Hill
Mask Artisan
Dirge Nurturer
Template Vampire
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Pack Coeurs Granatum

The Gossip

  • Semi-Local Rip Van Winkle - Spent his entire life between Lafayette and New Orleans, but took to a lengthy nap in the early 80s he's just waking up from.
  • Bayou Bootlegger - Remember prohibition? Pepperidge Farms does. So does Ari. His family distilled, brewed, and ran crate upon crate of everclear and beer to the Mississippi from their remote bayou home.
  • Urban Druid - Decay is as much a function of existence as growth. Death as important as life. Aristide holds beliefs shaped by the many overlapping intersections of eras and populations that have come through Louisiana and stray to favor a darker take venerating the winter of life and those things that see it returned to the whole.
  • The Inevitable - Aristide represents the Inevitable in the mixed pack-slash-coven Coeurs Granatum. They maintain a remote patch of Bayou Segnette as their territory.
  • Still Waters - A step back in time filled with jazz and operated in speakeasy fashion, hidden away in Bayou Segnette one can only reach by boat. Ari handles the brewing and distillation with guarded family recipes.
  • Player Hooks - Open to previous connections from old beef to descendants from the area. He's kept tabs, came from a large family, and had a number of children before he went and didn't quite die.

The Usual Suspects

The Kids

  • Lil Moon Beam - Stubborn lil cuss. Showin' some promise. Still don't know what she's askin' for but that's youth 'n havin' just one lifetime to pack in big ambitions for ya.
  • Jewel Bug - We'll see which way the morality breaks with this one. Easy to be pragmatic 'bout th'sticky things when the acts of monsters are still just on paper.
  • Leon - (NPC) A scruffy young man Ari keeps as a blood doll and protégé brewer. He occasionally runs and takes messages for Aristide, handles day-time affairs, and can often be found around Still Waters.

The All Night Society

  • Ghandi - Done lost track of the years. Enough of 'em I found my way in the dragon's head, not enough of 'em for muckin' 'round in there to be old yet.

Recorded for Posterity