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Ajax Freeman

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.”
Benjamin Franklin

DOB: 04 October
Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Bodyguard
Regnant: Winter White
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: The Carnival


xxxxxAjax is a bottle of rage that's only as contained as those around him. As such he tends to prefer a calm environment, but seems to always be around chaos. Maybe it's just bad luck. Maybe he subconsciously seeks out discordance. Either way he's something of a hothead with a temper on him nearly as big as he is.

Background Summary

xxxxxAJ is the second son and child of Terrance and Virginia Freeman. He was a problem child, and got into more fights than he brought home excellent grades. Despite this his parents did little to stymie the little rage monster they'd send off to school. One of the few things to calm him down in his childhood, and most of his life for that matter, is his older brother Alex.

xxxxxHis life was uneventful until he went off to uni. He enrolled in and was accepted into Louisiana Tech, and wanted to do something with comp sci. He only made it to his sophomore year until he dropped out. He spent much of his time away from his studies in a boxing gym, and in an exhibition match with another of the gym's members an accident occurred. It was no accident, and it ruined Ajax's life at the time. His opponent was heading back to his corner when the bell rang. Without a care that the round had ended Ajax lept forward, and caught the opposition with a clean jab in the back of the neck. He didn't make it to the hospital before he died.

xxxxxAjax found himself in a deadend job bouncing around town until he met Winter. The rowdy customers and tourists with something to prove gave him more than a few chances to tussle when he felt like it, and even when there was a chance for deescalation he'd sooner comply with some jackass's want for a fight. Things have since changed after being welcome into the all night society. They've changed enough so that he's calmed down. At least a little bit and for God knows how long as he wraps his head around his new life.


Winter: Regnant.
Bama: Fellow Ghoul.
Ashton: TBD.
Winter: TBD.


Gorilla Zoe: Lost (Starkey Remix)
Tycho: Cascade (Live Version)
Mellowhype: 67
The Urge: My Apology

RP Hooks

Local: Born and raised in New Orleans.
Louisiana Tech: The school Ajax was attending until he effectively through his life and reputation away..
Former Boxer: He was never gained any fame, although he was pretty good. At least until he decided that a rabbit punch was the best way to shut someone up.
Former Bouncer: After his falling out from school Ajax worked as a bouncer for nearly half a decade.
Bodyguard: To his Regnant.
Ghoul: He's a newly made servitor of the all night society, and bound to the Daeva Primogen Winter White.


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