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Roleplay Hooks Pertinent
  • Arkansawer:

xxxxxAgatha's been around the South a lot, but Arkansas is his home.

  • Exorcist:

xxxxxDemons, ghosts, spirits, or whatever else might be haunting your local abode. He'll get rid of it with as few questions as possible.

  • Private Investigator:

xxxxxThe job that actually pays. Mostly.

  • Werewolf:

xxxxxCasually howls at the moon, hunts prey, and occasionally grows a lotta hair.

  • Elodoth:

xxxxxOne of the many werewolves that first changed under the half moon. Focused more on talking, and less on judgment. A lot less.

  • Bone Shadow:

xxxxxAnd proud of it. His curiosity drew him to Death Wolf, and through her and the tribe he finds himself emboldened on the path before him.

  • Horned Wolf:

xxxxxHellraiser's much less public affiliation.

  • Name:

xxxxxAgathangelos Tucker

  • Deed Name:


  • Blood:


  • Bone:

xxxxxLone Wolf

  • Tribe:

xxxxxBone Shadows

  • Auspice:


  • Lodge:

xxxxxLodge of Demons

  • Pack:


Contacts Soundtrack


xxxxxEscape Earth

xxxxxApril Fools and Eggmen

xxxxxLine it Up

xxxxxAn Ending, A Beginning

  • Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, RZA:

xxxxxSo Appalled

  • Kiltro:

xxxxxThe Drunk

  • Gorillaz, Bobby Womack:

xxxxxThe Cloud of Unknowning

  • Allagoch:

xxxxxThe Lodge

  • Ruelle:

xxxxxThe World We Made

  • Action Action:

xxxxxAttached to the Fifth Story

  • Goldfish:

xxxxxDelirium Trigger