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Killing Smile

xxxxxxxxxxso i bit his face off, the end

Name: Adrienne LeBlanc
Deedname: Killing Smile
Occupation: Death broker
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Moon Full
Favorite Oath Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated
Pack None


  • Moon Calling

Ever since a pretty traumatic First Change involving a drunk driving accident and an extra grisly scene where the carnage didn’t match the skid marks, the there hasn’t been a doubt of the Rahu’s destiny or purpose. Her claws and teeth serve the purpose for which they were created - to end the hunt.

  • My Buddy

Windfeet is a spirit who urges Adrienne into the woods to run, to forget.. just for a little while. She spends enough time with the tempting, wild spirit running in the woods.

  • Shartha Slayers R Us

With a grudge against the Beshilu in particular, Adrienne is obsessive about cleansing the earth of Hosts. What better thing to endlessly hunt than something that must be relentlessly hunted? Like a cat in an endless game of wack-a-mole; if you have a rat where your heart was, watch the fuck out.

  • Obsessive Training

Badasses don’t become badasses without obsessively training to be badass or having an innate Supernatural power, but why not both?

  • Maximo
    Former packmate. Fierce, proud, damaged in ways most people couldn't deal with but still manages to smile prettier than all of us.
  • Tucker
    Freight train. Mac truck. Ton of bricks. The crushing weight of my mortality as a Full Moon. Get it?