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Adelaide Laurent

Date of Birth: August 12, 1870
Apparent Age:   Early 20s
Mask: Courtesan
Dirge: Rebel

Race:   Vampire
Clan:   Daeva
Bloodline: The Carnival
Covenant: TBD



Performer: - She is a performer at the Theatre des Monstres as one of the 'freaks'. What she does isn't exactly 'pretty', and she ruins so many pretty articles of clothing while doing it, but she makes what she does look good. She also is a burlesque dancer.(OOC Note: Adelaide's freak show performances involves potential triggers such as mention of blood, etc . I plan on keeping it as tame as possible, but if you decide to skip certain types of RP with me I will understand.)
Vampire: - As a Daeva, Adelaide is one of the beautiful monsters.
Hook - Hook.

Wojciech: - Her Sire. They met in Paris, at the height of when the City of Lights was an exciting place to be. He met her when she was a performer at the Moulin Rouge and the rest, as they say, is history.
Person - Contact
Person - Contact


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